"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." C.S Lewis

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Far too long!

I can't believe that nearly three months have passed and I haven't added anything to my blog. Could be because I've returned to work 4 days a week, which hasn't been too bad but the money makes it better! Bought myself a present an iPad - quite excited and now it should be quicker to add photos etc to my blog! Of course I'll have to find time to be creative !!! I have made several cards over the past months and I'm half way through one now so hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow and then I can share all creative exploits.

So until tomorrow Cheerio



  1. Woohoo for new toys. It is nice to reward yourself when you work hard to earn the money. It shouldn't all go to the tax man and on bills ;).

    Looking forward to seeing your latest creations :).

  2. Denise we need to catch up...

    1. We certainly do - I check your blog regularly and just love all your creations! no surprise there. I haven't been in touch with any of the CHNPS girls but we should have a reunion these holidays that was the plan wasn't it? Are you coming to Sydney any time soon? You're always welcome to stay at my place.
      I'll send an email and see if we can have a get-to-gether maybe 2nd week of hols?